Easy DIY updos including the elusive top knot

Those with longer hair know well the challenges of styling an updo yourself. But with the weather quickly warming up, getting all that hair off your neck is a must. Here are a couple of simple, DIY updos that you can do quickly and easily at home.

1. Milkmaid Half Halo with Headband
For this look, you will need a headband and a few bobby pins. The headband can be plain or decorative—it just needs to be elastic all the way around, as opposed to plastic or other materials. Secure the elastic headband in place with the bottom at the nape of your neck. Then, starting at either your left ear or your right ear, take small (about 1-inch) sections of hair and gently fold and roll each section into the bottom of the headband. Continue to do this from ear to ear along the nape of the neck until all the hair hanging from the back of your head has been tucked in the headband. Secure any loose pieces or flyaways with bobby pins, and feel free to pull a bit on the coils to make the tucks as tight or as loose as you want.

2. The Perfect Top Knot
The top knot is a very on-trend look right now, but it can actually be difficult to do one correctly so that it stays up all day. The key, whether you choose to put your whole head of hair into a top knot or just half, is to secure the knot as a ponytail before you turn it into a bun. Once you have secured your ponytail where you want your top knot to be, separate the ponytail into three or four different strands depending on the thickness of your hair. Wrap each strand individually around the center ponytail as tightly or as loosely as you want and secure with bobby pins. For extra hold, use a little textured finishing spray or light hair spray to hold everything in place all day long, and enjoy your perfect top knot! If your hair needs more than just a little help, contact Element Salon today. Our talented stylists can get your hair looking gorgeous and give you the tools, products, and knowledge you need to keep it looking that way every single day. Schedule your appointment by calling (615) 383-2045 or visit elementsalonnashville.com to learn more.