Why You Should Have Your Hair Professionally Styled for Your Wedding

DIY – or Do It Yourself – is a very popular mindset when it comes to planning weddings these days. And for good reason! Statistics vary, but the average cost of a wedding in the United States has now risen to well above ,000, and thrifty couples are looking for ways they can save money, get creative, and still have the wedding of their dreams. And while there are many aspects of a wedding that perfectly appropriate, safe, and fun to do yourself, bridal hair should not be one of them.


  • The experience. A professional hair stylist can make your bridal hair not just an aspect of your wedding, but an experience. Our stylists from Element Salon who do bridal hair for brides and their bridesmaids often set up mimosa station, so brides and their friends can relax and have fun together rather than focusing on trying to get the bride’s hair perfect.
  • Professional input. Of course, when it comes to weddings, the bride’s desires trump everything else. But a professional may be able to help specify and tailor her desires so that the finished product is absolutely perfect.
  • Products and tools. Even if someone is good a doing hair, they may not ahve the luxury professional styling products or hundred-dollar tools to pull off the look flawlessly. Hiring a professional means that you also get the benefit of the styling arsenal of a professional.
  • Transitions throughout the day. Many brides want their hair down for the ceremony and pictures, but come to regret that decision later on in the evening when they are dancing the night away. Having a professional stylist on hand for the event means that you can have your hair the way you want for the ceremony and pictures, after which your stylist can pin your hair up so you are free to socialize and dance all you want.
  • Perfection. In the end, you will have to look at your wedding pictures for the rest of your life – so you want them to be perfect. Hiring a professional stylist means that there will not be a hair out of place and everything will be just the way you want it – both the day of, and in the pictures forever.

If you are a bride-to-be and in need of a professional hair stylist for you and your bridesmaids, call Element Salon today. Speak to one of our bridal style experts by calling (615) 383-2045, or visit our website at elementsalonnashville.com to learn more about all of our stylists and the services we offer.

Easy DIY updos including the elusive top knot

Those with longer hair know well the challenges of styling an updo yourself. But with the weather quickly warming up, getting all that hair off your neck is a must. Here are a couple of simple, DIY updos that you can do quickly and easily at home.

1. Milkmaid Half Halo with Headband
For this look, you will need a headband and a few bobby pins. The headband can be plain or decorative—it just needs to be elastic all the way around, as opposed to plastic or other materials. Secure the elastic headband in place with the bottom at the nape of your neck. Then, starting at either your left ear or your right ear, take small (about 1-inch) sections of hair and gently fold and roll each section into the bottom of the headband. Continue to do this from ear to ear along the nape of the neck until all the hair hanging from the back of your head has been tucked in the headband. Secure any loose pieces or flyaways with bobby pins, and feel free to pull a bit on the coils to make the tucks as tight or as loose as you want.

2. The Perfect Top Knot
The top knot is a very on-trend look right now, but it can actually be difficult to do one correctly so that it stays up all day. The key, whether you choose to put your whole head of hair into a top knot or just half, is to secure the knot as a ponytail before you turn it into a bun. Once you have secured your ponytail where you want your top knot to be, separate the ponytail into three or four different strands depending on the thickness of your hair. Wrap each strand individually around the center ponytail as tightly or as loosely as you want and secure with bobby pins. For extra hold, use a little textured finishing spray or light hair spray to hold everything in place all day long, and enjoy your perfect top knot! If your hair needs more than just a little help, contact Element Salon today. Our talented stylists can get your hair looking gorgeous and give you the tools, products, and knowledge you need to keep it looking that way every single day. Schedule your appointment by calling (615) 383-2045 or visit elementsalonnashville.com to learn more.

Power Blondes

Out of all the variations of blonde and lighter shades available, power blonde is a style that has stood the test of time throughout many decades of different trends, fashions, and hair color technologies. That bright, almost electric all-over blonde color has been widely desired and sought after by everyone from celebrities to the average everyday client, regardless of age or skin tone. Celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Cameron Diaz, Gwen Stefani, Kelly Rippa, and others have all sported power blonde looks over the years, and it is a shade that is surprisingly flattering on a variety of different types of people.

Interestingly enough, the styles that are very popular today—balayage, ombre, and others—are achieved through a “paintbrush” technique that is relatively new on the hair color scene. Power blonde, however, is achieved through a very traditional technique: foil. Many hair stylists left foil color techniques in the early 2000s and have moved on to other styles, but foiling is actually the most effective way to create dynamic and lasting power blonde tones. The specific, detailed, and targeted technique of foiling ensures that the color will turn out just as bright and vibrant as the client dreams.

Of course, not everyone can achieve power blonde in just one appointment, and it is important for hair stylists to help set and manage expectations with their clients. Clients with lighter hair may very well be able to go from regular blonde to power blonde in one appointment, but for those with darker hair, it may take two or even three appointments to fully bring the color to where it needs to be. The internet can be a huge help to this end, allowing both stylists and clients to pull up pictures and get a frame of reference for what they want and what they are able to accomplish from appointment to appointment.

At Element Salon, our foil expert of over 20 years specializes in using this technique to help anyone achieve and maintain the power blonde look with a tried and true method that will leave clients looking and feeling fabulous. To schedule an appointment or to learn more, call (615) 383-2045 or visit www.elementsalonnashville.com for information about all of our stylists and services.


There are certain things that, because we do not do them very often—or because it is especially important that the service is done right—we are willing to pay a higher price for. An upscale dinner, massage, and a nice manicure or pedicure are all things that we do not think twice about the cost of because we want to make sure that everything is perfect. So why, when it comes to hair, do we think differently?

Many people will budget for a relaxing massage or a nice anniversary dinner, but balk at paying more than the cost of a fast-food meal for a haircut. But the reality is that a haircut should be treated like any other semi-regular luxury or service, and budgeted for accordingly. Why?

- Getting the perfect haircut a few times a year—rather than a less-than-perfect haircut every six weeks or so—means that you will not have to cut off as much or make as many trips to get your hairstyle exactly how you want.

- Your hair and how it frames your face is one of the first things people notice about you! Investing in a quality, regular haircut ensures that you are always presenting yourself how you want to be presented.

- Three words: value added services. Some of the things that make a luxury haircut luxurious are head massages, hot towels, styling guidance, and a great blowout at the end. You definitely will not be getting all of those things at a cheap walk-in clinic.

- Self-care is important! How many things do you do for just you? If we are being honest, we could probably all stand to treat ourselves a little more. A luxury haircut is a great way to take care of yourself and put your best foot forward in the coming new year.

- You can have confidence knowing that you will walk away with a haircut you really, truly love. When you are paying a premium price for a hair service, it means that the stylist you are working with has years of experience and ongoing education to ensure that he or she is knowledgeable about current trends and how to achieve the perfect cut for you.

These are just a few of the reasons to budget for a luxury haircut on a regular basis, but there are many more! At Element Salon, luxury is what we specialize in. All of our stylists are experienced and educated in the art of giving you the perfect cut every time and making you feel pampered and flawless. We would love to show you what sets us apart!

Visit our website at elementsalonnashville.com to learn more about our stylists and all the services we offer, or call (615) 383-2045 to schedule your appointment today!


In the age of Pinterest and Instagram, sometimes it can be hard for stylists and clients to be on the same page. Many clients struggle communicating exactly what they want, and many stylists struggle communicating what is possible given the bounds of the client’s hair texture, desires, and budget. But with a little hard work and honesty, stylists can always be sure that they are communicating well with their clients. Expectations can be set realistically and mindfully so that everyone walks away happy.

Mismatched expectations usually occur around three things: time, money, and style. A client may want a hairstyle or color that, given the state of their current hairstyle, will take two or three appointments to gradually transition to—but they expect it can be done in one. They also may not realize the cost of achieving and up keeping a certain style; this is especially true for some of the fashionable and on-trend colors today such as blues, purples, and more. It takes a lot of work (and money) to achieve the look in the first place, and even more to upkeep it regularly. And finally, some clients may desire a look that the natural texture of their hair was never designed to be able to achieve, no matter how much work is done to it.

In these situations, it is important for stylists to…

– Look the guest in the eye and be sincere and honest. Let them know you want them to have a fabulous hairstyle as much as they do! Developing a trust relationship with your client from the start is absolutely essential.

– Not be afraid to talk about money. Money talk can be uncomfortable at times, but it is better to set expectations up front rather than afterwards. Getting an idea for the price point your client is comfortable at can help you move forward and keep them happy.

– Offer creative solutions, and give your client options. You may not be able to do exactly what they want in the time frame they want within the budget they want, but there are almost always creative ways you can start working towards their end goal without damaging their hair or their bank account. Talk through the options with them, and be as creative as you can!

Stylists who communicate well with their clients about time, money, and style can be sure that their clients will thank them and trust them in the future, and both stylist and client will be happy with the finished product.

For more information about Element Salon and all of our fabulous and creative stylists, call (615) 383-2045 or visit our website at elementsalonnashville.com.


Most people style their hair at home on a regular basis, but doing the same few styles over and over again can get monotonous—especially around the holidays when there are plenty of special events where one might want a more elaborate hairstyle for the evening.

One easy way to add a bit of panache to your rotation of normal styles is with a braid! Braids are a multipurpose look and can be added to any style or provide the focal point of your favorite ‘do. They are beautiful, fun, and appropriate for any setting from the beach to the boardroom.

Most people are familiar with the standard three-strand braid, but there are a huge variety of other types. Four-strand, French, and fishtail are a few of the most common, but when it comes to braids, the possibilities are literally endless.

People have come up with so many different types of braids because they are so versatile and classic. You can use them to give the appearance of spending a lot of time on your hair on a day you would rather not wash it, or use them to keep it out of your face by braiding the sides or creating a French braid “headband.” For a done-up look, you can even do multiple braids and pin them all together into a gorgeous braided bun. When you are finished with your braid, you can pull and tug at the strands a little bit to give a “messy” look. You can even braid a small section of your ponytail and wrap it around the elastic for an instant touch of pizazz.

Some people hesitate when it comes to braiding their own hair at home because they are not sure where to start, but if this is you, never fear! Your stylist can help you by showing you a few tips and tricks at your next appointment, and there are many resources available for those who want to learn.

Besides reputable style websites, YouTube videos, and Pinterest tutorials, there is also a book we highly recommend at Element Salon by Kerastasé, The Couture Book of Braids. The Couture Book of Braids features 30 braid tutorials for every occasion, most of which can be done on your own by anyone who is familiar with the standard three-strand braid. You might even consider a 30-Day Braid Challenge to inspire yourself to learn new styles and techniques!

There are also a few products that can make your braiding endeavors a breeze. Shu Uemura makes a Texture Wave Spray that will give your braid an effortless, beachy look. Materialiste All-Over Thickening Spray Gel by Kerastasé can be applied to wet or dry hair to add body and structure for a texturized braid that is not crunchy or inflexible. The Kerastasé Ultine Solid Serum is a must-have for braid enthusiasts: it makes hair smooth and shiny and tames split ends, and can even be applied to the hands while braiding to make everything stay in place.

Adding a braid is an easy, simple, and creative way to give flare to any hairstyle. With so many different kinds, there is no reason not to try one, if not all! The next time you book an appointment at Element Salon, ask your Element stylist to show you a braiding technique or two—they would be happy to empower you with the knowledge and skills it takes to make fabulous and fashionable braids at home!

Book your next appointment at Element Salon today by calling (615) 383-2045, or visit our website at elementsalonnashville.com for more information and a complete list of stylists and services.


Everyone has seen the long, flowing, effortless beachy waves and curls that are so popular at the moment. But for those of us without a personal stylist or several hours in the morning to do our hair, is achieving that look on a regular basis really realistic?

Fortunately, with a few simple tricks and easy-to-use products, this beautiful and trendy hairstyle is within reach for even the most beginner hairstylists among us.

– When you are trying to achieve wave and texture while going from wet hair to dry hair, the best bet is to start with a volumizing shampoo. Our preferred brand at Element Salon is Kérastase’s volumizing shampoo, but there are many different types of quality volumizing shampoos on the market.

– Before moving to the blow-drying phase, use a heat protector like Kérastase’s Nectar Thermique. This helps to keep your hair from being damaged by the high temperatures of your hair dryer.

– There are several different methods for blow-drying. You can use a round brush, which takes a little practice to learn how to do. Or you can simply flip your head over and employ a power dry using a diffuser for maximum volumizing effect.

– Once your hair is mostly dry, you can start to curl it. At Element Salon, we use GHD curling irons, but no matter which iron you choose, you want to make sure that you keep it at a 1” barrel for medium length hair and a 1.25” barrel for longer hair.

– The most important factor in how a curl turns out and whether it stays in place is what product you use. Choosing a quality multipurpose texturizing spray like Shu Uemura’s Texture Wave spray will create volume without looking or feeling sticky.

– Curl your hair in just a few parts. Divide it in half, top to bottom, and then separate each half into four or five pieces. In total, unless your hair is extremely thick, you should not need more than ten or so pieces to be able to curl your entire head.

– Curl the middle only. Do not curl all the way to the roots, or all the way to the tips. Leave about an inch in either direction, as this will achieve that “beachy” look. Make sure to curl away from your face, too.

– At the end, wait for your hair to cool so the curls have time to set and run your hands through your hair gently.

– Finish with a few more spritzes of texturizing spray, or for especially unmanageable hair, try a hairspray like Shu Uemura’s Sheer Lacquer hairspray, which will give a strong and durable hold without making your head or hands feel sticky.

– And last but not least: be fabulous!

Following the above steps will give you effortless, flowing, wavy locks that look like you got them professionally done. But for the times when you really do need a professional, Element Salon Nashville is here for you. Schedule an appointment with one of our talented hair stylists by calling (615) 383-2045, or visit our website at elementsalonnashville.com.


If you are someone who is a dedicated blonde—blonde year-in and year-out—it is natural to be wary of major hair color changes. But it is also normal to want a bit of a change as seasons come and go: perhaps a slight highlight shift or a new color sheen that will give you an updated look without doing anything too drastic.

With a little extra communication with your stylist, a smooth and stylish transition to winter weather is very achievable. There are many options for blondes who want to go a little darker or richer for the season without undoing all the work they have done to keep up their light locks.

At Element Salon, we can do something as simple as adding an easy toner, which will give your blonde hair a “caramelized” or “buttery” sheen that will last many weeks and give you the opportunity to try out a darker tone without committing to it permanently. If you are absolutely sure you would like to go a shade or two darker, we can do a tasteful and natural-looking lowlight that will bring out your existing colors and add depth and fluidity to your entire look.

If you are not sure what you want to do, our qualified stylists at Element Salon can work with you to ensure that you walk away with a style and color you love. Pictures are extremely helpful. If you have any pictures of friends or celebrities whose hair color you like, feel free to bring them along to show your stylist.

The more we know about what you want, the better! If you do not have any pictures, our stylists can sit down with you before your appointment and browse through Google and Pinterest to get a clear picture of your dream color. If you are a bit hesitant, we can even work in stages—adding a toner during one appointment and lowlights at the next. Our focus at Element Salon is on your comfort and happiness!

There are hundreds of different variations and shades of blonde, and several options for blondes who want to try something a little richer or darker for fall and winter. Discover yours today by making an appointment with one of our blonde experts at Element Salon—call (615) 383-2045 or visit our website at elementsalonnashville.com to browse our stylists and learn more about all our styling services.


With the change of seasons, many people are looking to update their style to match the cooler weather outside. Blonder colors and light, breezy tones are popular during the summertime, with good reason. But as soon as the cooler days arrive, we tend to gravitate towards colors that are darker and warmer to better complement both the colors outside and our gradually changing skin tones.

Unfortunately, going back and forth from blonde to brown every year can do a number on healthy hair, not to mention your wallet. Many are searching for a more affordable, lower maintenance option to keep from having to shell out a lot of money every four weeks and subject their hair to treatments and dyes. Enter:bronde.

Bronde is just what it sounds like: a blend of brown and blonde. There are literally hundreds of variations of bronde, some leaning more towards the blonde end of the spectrum and others toward the brown. They can also be infused with various highlights, shades, and tones, for a fully customizable look that can be personalized to individual preferences, skin tones, and more. A simple Google search of “bronde” shows just how many variations there are!

The wonderful thing about bronde is that with just a few tweaks, you can be ready for summer, winter, and every season in between. Rather than changing the whole color of your hair, simple modifications can be made in its tone and highlights to give you just the change you need without costing you lot of money or damaging your hair. Bronde is also extremely flattering on a huge range of skin tones and natural hair colors, making it extremely accessible to the everyday person.

If you are thinking of going bronde, spend a little time on Google to familiarize yourself with the different shades available and pick which ones you think would suit you best. There is an outdated belief that hair stylists do not like clients to bring in pictures, but in the modern hair styling industry, pictures are extremely helpful! They help us to ensure that we know what you have in mind for the final product so we can do a great job for you and help you receive the utmost satisfaction with your new hair color.

Once you have found the perfect shade of bronde for you, call Element Salon for a consultation! We will compare your pictures to your hair to see if what you want is attainable and determine the steps needed to get there. The good news is that bronde is very achievable for all except severely damaged hair, and chances are good that we can get your hair exactly where you want it to be!

Bronde is a gorgeous, universally flattering option for those looking to transition healthily, easily, and affordably into cooler fall weather. If you are ready to make the change to bronde, call Element Salon today!

We can be reached at (615) 383-2045, and more information about all of our services and stylists can be found at elementsalonnashville.com.


Olaplex is making waves—quite literally—in the hairstyling industry, and for good reason. But even though its use in salons all across the country is expanding, many people, consumers and stylists alike, have never heard of it or do not know what it is.

Olaplex is a single-molecule chemical compound originally developed by medical technicians to aid in skin graph surgery. Researchers found that the compound helped the new skin to bind to the original skin seamlessly and healthily, and soon other industries began to pick up on other, more glamorous, uses for Olaplex.

When the hairstyling industry began to use Olaplex, it was originally relied upon as a corrective—“insurance for your client’s hair,” as their tagline reads. Essentially, Olaplex began being used when a client was not happy with their new ‘do. As most people who get their hair done regularly are well aware, constantly making changes and adding new colors, highlights, and more can take a toll on otherwise healthy hair, leaving it dry, brittle, and frail.

If a client is not happy with the work that has been done on their hair, sometimes there is only so much a stylist can do to fix the work without over-processing the hair to the point of damaging it for good. By applying Olaplex, stylists can now correct whatever the client is unhappy with and add new colors and shading without damaging the hair further! Olaplex is a binding agent and a bond multiplier, so rather than fraying hair, it helps it to hold together even under stress.

Once Olaplex began being used as a corrective, it gained rapid popularity as a simple add-on to existing services because of how soft, lightweight, and fluid it leaves your hair looking for a fraction of the cost of other treatments. At Element Salon, adding Olaplex to any service is just , and because it is a bond multiplier and perfecter, it will make whatever service you choose even more flawless and fabulous.

At Element Salon, we have found many creative ways to incorporate Olaplex into our existing services. Our clients have never been happier with the look and feel of their hair when they walk out the doors. Many of them come back requesting Olaplex multiple times, and we look forward to being able to use Olaplex to create even more happy and beautiful clients in the future.

More information about Olaplex can be found on their official website at olaplex.com. To schedule your appointment to receive a treatment with Olaplex at Element Salon, give us a call today at (615) 383-2045. You can also visit our website at elementsalonnashville.com for more information about all of our services and talented stylists!