INOA stands for “Innovation No Ammonia” and after just one experience, you will quickly see why it has received such rave reviews. Laboratory testing shows that after nine applications, INOA colored hair is just as smooth as before color was applied. INOA works with the ODS² technology (Oil Delivery System): an unprecedented oil base that increases the active potential of the hair color system while preserving the hair’s natural protective layer twice as much as traditional ammonia-based permanent haircolor. Translation? You get fabulous color and stronger, healthier hair.

Reinforced coverage up of to 100% white hair
6 weeks of intense hydration and nutrition
NO ammonia.NO odor.
Optimized scalp comfort
Supreme respect for the hair
Infinite hair color power with 50% more shine

The total absence of ammonia and the use of an odor-free alkaline agent (MEA) make it possible for you to enjoy a hair color experience like none other! Come and enjoy world class hair color and artistic creativity like never before!