Jonathan will go above and beyond to achieve the desired look.

From a young age Jonathan had an eye for color and beauty, he was fascinated with the idea of creating beauty. Although he was raised in Nashville Jonathan was born in Fortaleza, Brazil and soon became a US citizen as a child. Before finding his passion for hair he was attracted to the sciences and eventually pursued a degree in Commerce and Business Management, which lead him to the field of capital equity management and although he enjoyed the work, it was a undoubtedly a life of high intensity and stress beyond measure. It all changed after injuring and losing total mobility of his arm in a motorcycle accident. In his recovery Jonathan chose not only to gain back his mobility, but also commit to a life-change by going back to his first love of beauty. He began to explore his options when he found the Aveda Institute, and at 34 he found his new pat h and gave it all the focus he had given to his recovery to growing a great career as a hairstylist. Today Jonathan is focused on his achieving the most beautiful results for his guests while maintaining, and many times improving, the health of the hair. He is a perfectionist and likes to take his time communicating with his guests to establish a clear plan before starting, once the plan is set, he will go above and beyond to achieve the desired look. When he’s not behind the chair you can find Jonathan spending time with his family and friends, at church striving for spiritual growth, or traveling.

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