With the change of seasons, many people are looking to update their style to match the cooler weather outside. Blonder colors and light, breezy tones are popular during the summertime, with good reason. But as soon as the cooler days arrive, we tend to gravitate towards colors that are darker and warmer to better complement both the colors outside and our gradually changing skin tones.

Unfortunately, going back and forth from blonde to brown every year can do a number on healthy hair, not to mention your wallet. Many are searching for a more affordable, lower maintenance option to keep from having to shell out a lot of money every four weeks and subject their hair to treatments and dyes. Enter:bronde.

Bronde is just what it sounds like: a blend of brown and blonde. There are literally hundreds of variations of bronde, some leaning more towards the blonde end of the spectrum and others toward the brown. They can also be infused with various highlights, shades, and tones, for a fully customizable look that can be personalized to individual preferences, skin tones, and more. A simple Google search of “bronde” shows just how many variations there are!

The wonderful thing about bronde is that with just a few tweaks, you can be ready for summer, winter, and every season in between. Rather than changing the whole color of your hair, simple modifications can be made in its tone and highlights to give you just the change you need without costing you lot of money or damaging your hair. Bronde is also extremely flattering on a huge range of skin tones and natural hair colors, making it extremely accessible to the everyday person.

If you are thinking of going bronde, spend a little time on Google to familiarize yourself with the different shades available and pick which ones you think would suit you best. There is an outdated belief that hair stylists do not like clients to bring in pictures, but in the modern hair styling industry, pictures are extremely helpful! They help us to ensure that we know what you have in mind for the final product so we can do a great job for you and help you receive the utmost satisfaction with your new hair color.

Once you have found the perfect shade of bronde for you, call Element Salon for a consultation! We will compare your pictures to your hair to see if what you want is attainable and determine the steps needed to get there. The good news is that bronde is very achievable for all except severely damaged hair, and chances are good that we can get your hair exactly where you want it to be!

Bronde is a gorgeous, universally flattering option for those looking to transition healthily, easily, and affordably into cooler fall weather. If you are ready to make the change to bronde, call Element Salon today!

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Olaplex is making waves—quite literally—in the hairstyling industry, and for good reason. But even though its use in salons all across the country is expanding, many people, consumers and stylists alike, have never heard of it or do not know what it is.

Olaplex is a single-molecule chemical compound originally developed by medical technicians to aid in skin graph surgery. Researchers found that the compound helped the new skin to bind to the original skin seamlessly and healthily, and soon other industries began to pick up on other, more glamorous, uses for Olaplex.

When the hairstyling industry began to use Olaplex, it was originally relied upon as a corrective—“insurance for your client’s hair,” as their tagline reads. Essentially, Olaplex began being used when a client was not happy with their new ‘do. As most people who get their hair done regularly are well aware, constantly making changes and adding new colors, highlights, and more can take a toll on otherwise healthy hair, leaving it dry, brittle, and frail.

If a client is not happy with the work that has been done on their hair, sometimes there is only so much a stylist can do to fix the work without over-processing the hair to the point of damaging it for good. By applying Olaplex, stylists can now correct whatever the client is unhappy with and add new colors and shading without damaging the hair further! Olaplex is a binding agent and a bond multiplier, so rather than fraying hair, it helps it to hold together even under stress.

Once Olaplex began being used as a corrective, it gained rapid popularity as a simple add-on to existing services because of how soft, lightweight, and fluid it leaves your hair looking for a fraction of the cost of other treatments. At Element Salon, adding Olaplex to any service is just , and because it is a bond multiplier and perfecter, it will make whatever service you choose even more flawless and fabulous.

At Element Salon, we have found many creative ways to incorporate Olaplex into our existing services. Our clients have never been happier with the look and feel of their hair when they walk out the doors. Many of them come back requesting Olaplex multiple times, and we look forward to being able to use Olaplex to create even more happy and beautiful clients in the future.

More information about Olaplex can be found on their official website at olaplex.com. To schedule your appointment to receive a treatment with Olaplex at Element Salon, give us a call today at (615) 383-2045. You can also visit our website at elementsalonnashville.com for more information about all of our services and talented stylists!