Element Salon is an eco-friendly salon.

Salons are big offenders when it comes to toxic pollutants and wasting water. We are actively doing our part to make a difference with 60% reduction in water usage from our Eco shower heads, recycling 90% of all products used in the salon & more!

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We are proud participants in the Green Circle Salons initiative, recycling 100% of our hair color, chemical products, foils, and hair.

Green Circle Salons has been certified by B Corp and the Carbon Trust to acknowledge that they meet the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility and meet requirements for Zero Waste to Landfill.

This initiative is the only program in the country that recycles hair color and other chemicals most salons simply wash down the drain. Along with the City of Nashville’s recycling program (plastics, paper, cardboard, and metals) we are able to maintain a 95% recycling goal.

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