Core Values

When we opened our doors, over a decade ago, we went on a team retreat and came up with these ten rules we agreed to live by. We call it our Code of Honor:

  1. Deliver a wow experience to every guest
  2. Proactively pursue goals with a passion
  3. Be an uplifting source of joy and kindness
  4. Aspire to learn and Embrace change with open minded humility
  5. Put the team before the individual
  6. Be on time and stay until the end
  7. Be mindful, aware, and present always
  8. Lead by example, be respectful and always ask. (There are no stupid questions)
  9. Maintain a confident and professional demeanor. (Physical Image, attitude, verbiage)
  10. Be accountable, take responsibility and don’t point fingers.

Element Salon Leader Vision

At Element Salon we hire nice people, it’s that simple! We are on a constant search for happy people who want to grow with a team of like-minded individuals. We are dedicated professionals who love to spend time with each other in a fun, uplifting environment. If you are career minded, love to make people happy, and are not afraid of the hustle, please reach out to us!