If you are someone who is a dedicated blonde—blonde year-in and year-out—it is natural to be wary of major hair color changes. But it is also normal to want a bit of a change as seasons come and go: perhaps a slight highlight shift or a new color sheen that will give you an updated look without doing anything too drastic.

With a little extra communication with your stylist, a smooth and stylish transition to winter weather is very achievable. There are many options for blondes who want to go a little darker or richer for the season without undoing all the work they have done to keep up their light locks.

At Element Salon, we can do something as simple as adding an easy toner, which will give your blonde hair a “caramelized” or “buttery” sheen that will last many weeks and give you the opportunity to try out a darker tone without committing to it permanently. If you are absolutely sure you would like to go a shade or two darker, we can do a tasteful and natural-looking lowlight that will bring out your existing colors and add depth and fluidity to your entire look.

If you are not sure what you want to do, our qualified stylists at Element Salon can work with you to ensure that you walk away with a style and color you love. Pictures are extremely helpful. If you have any pictures of friends or celebrities whose hair color you like, feel free to bring them along to show your stylist.

The more we know about what you want, the better! If you do not have any pictures, our stylists can sit down with you before your appointment and browse through Google and Pinterest to get a clear picture of your dream color. If you are a bit hesitant, we can even work in stages—adding a toner during one appointment and lowlights at the next. Our focus at Element Salon is on your comfort and happiness!

There are hundreds of different variations and shades of blonde, and several options for blondes who want to try something a little richer or darker for fall and winter. Discover yours today by making an appointment with one of our blonde experts at Element Salon—call (615) 383-2045 or visit our website at elementsalonnashville.com to browse our stylists and learn more about all our styling services.