Most people style their hair at home on a regular basis, but doing the same few styles over and over again can get monotonous—especially around the holidays when there are plenty of special events where one might want a more elaborate hairstyle for the evening.

One easy way to add a bit of panache to your rotation of normal styles is with a braid! Braids are a multipurpose look and can be added to any style or provide the focal point of your favorite ‘do. They are beautiful, fun, and appropriate for any setting from the beach to the boardroom.

Most people are familiar with the standard three-strand braid, but there are a huge variety of other types. Four-strand, French, and fishtail are a few of the most common, but when it comes to braids, the possibilities are literally endless.

People have come up with so many different types of braids because they are so versatile and classic. You can use them to give the appearance of spending a lot of time on your hair on a day you would rather not wash it, or use them to keep it out of your face by braiding the sides or creating a French braid “headband.” For a done-up look, you can even do multiple braids and pin them all together into a gorgeous braided bun. When you are finished with your braid, you can pull and tug at the strands a little bit to give a “messy” look. You can even braid a small section of your ponytail and wrap it around the elastic for an instant touch of pizazz.

Some people hesitate when it comes to braiding their own hair at home because they are not sure where to start, but if this is you, never fear! Your stylist can help you by showing you a few tips and tricks at your next appointment, and there are many resources available for those who want to learn.

Besides reputable style websites, YouTube videos, and Pinterest tutorials, there is also a book we highly recommend at Element Salon by Kerastasé, The Couture Book of Braids. The Couture Book of Braids features 30 braid tutorials for every occasion, most of which can be done on your own by anyone who is familiar with the standard three-strand braid. You might even consider a 30-Day Braid Challenge to inspire yourself to learn new styles and techniques!

There are also a few products that can make your braiding endeavors a breeze. Shu Uemura makes a Texture Wave Spray that will give your braid an effortless, beachy look. Materialiste All-Over Thickening Spray Gel by Kerastasé can be applied to wet or dry hair to add body and structure for a texturized braid that is not crunchy or inflexible. The Kerastasé Ultine Solid Serum is a must-have for braid enthusiasts: it makes hair smooth and shiny and tames split ends, and can even be applied to the hands while braiding to make everything stay in place.

Adding a braid is an easy, simple, and creative way to give flare to any hairstyle. With so many different kinds, there is no reason not to try one, if not all! The next time you book an appointment at Element Salon, ask your Element stylist to show you a braiding technique or two—they would be happy to empower you with the knowledge and skills it takes to make fabulous and fashionable braids at home!

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