Power Blondes

Out of all the variations of blonde and lighter shades available, power blonde is a style that has stood the test of time throughout many decades of different trends, fashions, and hair color technologies. That bright, almost electric all-over blonde color has been widely desired and sought after by everyone from celebrities to the average everyday client, regardless of age or skin tone. Celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Cameron Diaz, Gwen Stefani, Kelly Rippa, and others have all sported power blonde looks over the years, and it is a shade that is surprisingly flattering on a variety of different types of people.

Interestingly enough, the styles that are very popular today—balayage, ombre, and others—are achieved through a “paintbrush” technique that is relatively new on the hair color scene. Power blonde, however, is achieved through a very traditional technique: foil. Many hair stylists left foil color techniques in the early 2000s and have moved on to other styles, but foiling is actually the most effective way to create dynamic and lasting power blonde tones. The specific, detailed, and targeted technique of foiling ensures that the color will turn out just as bright and vibrant as the client dreams.

Of course, not everyone can achieve power blonde in just one appointment, and it is important for hair stylists to help set and manage expectations with their clients. Clients with lighter hair may very well be able to go from regular blonde to power blonde in one appointment, but for those with darker hair, it may take two or even three appointments to fully bring the color to where it needs to be. The internet can be a huge help to this end, allowing both stylists and clients to pull up pictures and get a frame of reference for what they want and what they are able to accomplish from appointment to appointment.

At Element Salon, our foil expert of over 20 years specializes in using this technique to help anyone achieve and maintain the power blonde look with a tried and true method that will leave clients looking and feeling fabulous. To schedule an appointment or to learn more, call (615) 383-2045 or visit www.elementsalonnashville.com for information about all of our stylists and services.