Tabitha has an uncanny eye and passion for curly hair and color melting.

Most people chose their path in life, but Tabitha was chosen by the craft of hairdressing. She always knew her passion was in hair and her determination to become a stylist was so strong, early in her life, that she began pursuing her license at the age of fifteen while in high-school. Her facility was evident to her friends who encouraged her to enter the SkillsUSA State hair competition where she won second place; At the age of seventeen winning her a full scholarship! Achieving success early in life can sometimes be a challenge, but Tabitha made the choice to immerse and dedicate herself to staying on top of the newest trends and techniques rather than resting on her laurels. Since then her goal in life has become to educate and inspire other stylists to elevate the industry. As a natural born curly haired stylist she has specialized in bringing shape and life to unruly hair and loves meeting guests who have been ch allenged to find the right hands to sculpt their curly hair, she also has a an uncanny eye and passion for color melting and blonding.