Tim Hauk

Tim has an uncanny eye for cutting and a passion for color.

Tim’s first career as a flight attendant gave him the opportunity to see the world while being of service to others. His warm welcoming spirit was perfectly suited for the industry, until one fateful flight changed his life. On a flight to Las Vegas with a majority of hairdresser passengers on their way to a trade show, it became clear to Tim that the beauty industry was a viable career option. With a clear mission, he enrolled in beauty school, apprenticed under some of the most distinguished stylists in the country—among them the storied Dianne Degnan, Color Director at Sassoon in Beverly Hills, CA—and began to build his career. He later moved to the east coast and worked in NYC metro for 6 years, and he recently decided to come home to Tennessee and continue to grow his career at element salon. He has an uncanny eye for cutting and a passion for color. His talent behind the chair is only matched by his joyful attitude and sunny disposition.